I have painted more then 150 small oil – painting”s. I want at least twice as many before I even start to start to think about what this installation wants.



I try and try , getting used to the W.S. Collection in a frame. But I love them so much more loose, hanging on the doors, experimenting today with black wall and loose style hanging without frame. Like it much more. It’s kind of strange what ever I make it kind of turns into installations..

Sometimes I need to see what my work looks like on a wall , todays sun made a natural spotlight.


Every morning I start with a small painting, they are not bigger than a A4-sized paper, colors tempt me. I need to find whats inside, behind and under..

From W.S. collection Annica Delfos 2017oilpainting on paper A4 Size

From W.S. collection Annica Delfos 2017 oilpainting on paper A4 Size

All of a sudden February arrived, kind of sneaked up on me. Where did January go?1-2-2017-all-of-a-sudden-annica-delfos-683x1024

90 x 90 cm Oilpainting on canvas. W.S. B . (1) Collection. Has no up, has no down , is my universe

Even thou I’ve been feeling kind of sick. These last couple of days I have been meering, listening to, reading about and talking with a lot of interesting people . I find it fascinating that in all our differecies we are so alike..image