11-1-2017 How can I plan

Posted: January 11, 2017 in Day to day studioblog, Uncategorized
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One of the most difficult things are getting the hours of the day to be enough. It goes all into painting and even if that is what I like the most. There is a growing need to get to know the world out there.. Looking for opportunities and so on, somehow there is never enough time. Even when day turns to evening and it’s to dark to paint. my mind is to tired to start searching. So how can this change, less painting ? Feels painful. No perhaps an evening walk, after dinner, in the cold wind. It would be practical using the evenings not only reading about artist, looking at art programs, but instead actually making moves. Not just keeping up with my Instagram, blog and linkdn. (Somehow Facebook just doesn’t work for me, but is that a reason to stop writing there? ) What about  Mytrendingstories, just started writing for them, is that a good thing  or a reaction, they asked and I got flattered.  Why does one do things, what are the choices based on . Some decisions making is needed, otherwise nothing will happen.img_1533


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