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I have painted more then 150 small oil – painting”s. I want at least twice as many before I even start to start to think about what this installation wants.



While painting yesterday, I realized that I didn’t like the direction where the small painting that I was working on for the F.S collection, (“What a wonderful” ) was going. It was boring, an illustration .. So I moved it to a smaller wall, to later make a decision and started a big one for the W.S. collection , wow it felt like dancing on an early spring day. Couldn’t stop until I had to, to let the paint dry up a bit. Looked at the other wall where “What a wonderful”hung. It was a okay illustration, but  it wasn’t me. So I destroyed it.


W.S.B. in progress Annica Delfos

My studio has fantastic light ,it creates it’s own art. Couldn’t stop watching, it was painting itself.


4-4-2015 Spring is in the air. Annica Delfos

4-4-2015 Spring is in the air. Annica Delfos


Posted: January 11, 2013 in Studio
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today i have to decide

a small but nice article in the  village newspaper about my students exhibition