Feeling strange, not really sick sick, but more sick sick. You know. A small pain here and an awkward feeling there. Hope it doesn’t get worse. The weekend passed by in a – if I take it easy it won’t get worse-  state . But I am not shore if it made a difference. Wait and see, wait and see.. Last Thursday I was feeling good, with a friend I visited a art fair in Amsterdam, a lot of good and great work and some interesting presentation-talks by artist. Now I am going to pretend that I am feeling good, perhaps I can fool myself.23-1-2017-is-it-a-cold-annica-delfos-1024x768


Where ever you go you bring yourself. That’s something need dealing with. It would be nice taking a break from yourself, but is that possible or is dealing with it is the only way to go? Hmm no there is another way, chosen by many, blaming others for missed chances or wrong turns in life. Perhaps that is the real break from yourself, not even trying to take responsibility for your life. It free’s you from dealing with the difficult parts, the sadness and disappointments, the hard work and the invisibility, the missed opportunities and the wrong choices. It also free’s you from achievements and  pride, from experience and recognition, from satisfaction and most of all it free’s you from being human.free-2013-annicadelfos

20-1-2017 Making drying space

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Annica delfos studio

Painting is an adventure, most of the time following the colors lead, is exiting enough. Sometimes a closer talk / look is wanted, hmm , what does it need? Does it go up or down and does it matter. Isn’t the changeability the itchy good part. This one needs some staring before deciding.up-or-down-annica-delfos

With drying break on two and keeping an eye on one , I am running out of space in the studio. So today I will make small once and continue with computer work.


Went out running this morning. The weather is sunny and cold, a good combination. I am not the fastest runner, actually I am really slow,but luckily fast enough to get my mind in balance. mars2013-028

Still doing “the other side”and when  busy, it’s a fun job, but the minutes before .. It starts with the  studio smell , oil paint perfume and then the light on. Brushes, colors and the canvas, in progress, hanging there tempting me..  Oh this asks a lot of discipline. To actually ignore all of it and take place behind the computer and get to work. notebooks