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I try and try , getting used to the W.S. Collection in a frame. But I love them so much more loose, hanging on the doors, experimenting today with black wall and loose style hanging without frame. Like it much more. It’s kind of strange what ever I make it kind of turns into installations..


Every morning I start with a small painting, they are not bigger than a A4-sized paper, colors tempt me. I need to find whats inside, behind and under..

From W.S. collection Annica Delfos 2017oilpainting on paper A4 Size

From W.S. collection Annica Delfos 2017 oilpainting on paper A4 Size

90 x 90 cm Oilpainting on canvas. W.S. B . (1) Collection. Has no up, has no down , is my universe

Where ever you go you bring yourself. That’s something need dealing with. It would be nice taking a break from yourself, but is that possible or is dealing with it is the only way to go? Hmm no there is another way, chosen by many, blaming others for missed chances or wrong turns in life. Perhaps that is the real break from yourself, not even trying to take responsibility for your life. It free’s you from dealing with the difficult parts, the sadness and disappointments, the hard work and the invisibility, the missed opportunities and the wrong choices. It also free’s you from achievements and ┬ápride, from experience and recognition, from satisfaction and most of all it free’s you from being

Eating breakfast and reading the paper in search of hopfull and good news. The raining gets heavier, love that sound. Found an article that was funmy. Now it’s time to paint.image

Oeps a pink start. From Instagram annicadelfosontrack. Oilpainting on paper a4size.image

I hope your new year started great. Lets make 2017 a really good oneimg_2318