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Every morning I start with a small painting, they are not bigger than a A4-sized paper, colors tempt me. I need to find whats inside, behind and under..

From W.S. collection Annica Delfos 2017oilpainting on paper A4 Size

From W.S. collection Annica Delfos 2017 oilpainting on paper A4 Size


Painting is an adventure, most of the time following the colors lead, is exiting enough. Sometimes a closer talk / look is wanted, hmm , what does it need? Does it go up or down and does it matter. Isn’t the changeability the itchy good part. This one needs some staring before deciding.up-or-down-annica-delfos

Still doing “the other side”and when  busy, it’s a fun job, but the minutes before .. It starts with the  studio smell , oil paint perfume and then the light on. Brushes, colors and the canvas, in progress, hanging there tempting me..  Oh this asks a lot of discipline. To actually ignore all of it and take place behind the computer and get to work. notebooks

Yesterday morning I woke up wearing an invisible helmet in a sauna. That feeling still hasn’t disappeared. Still hot, but my thoughts are cool.. some really good good ideas, about what to paint, how to paint and where I could show my work, circle around in my head.. Should I wright everything down in my little black book. Hmm I reach for the book and then an even greater idea comes to my mind. I don’t need to wright it down , I will just mark it in the air, with some striking colors..


through the window touching the crystals exploding in colors

thinking that all people: women and men, in all colors of the world, in all languages, in all means